Caprice Glass Mid-Century BINGO Glasses (Set of 6)

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Caprice Glass Mid-Century BINGO Glasses (Set of 6)
How many times were you close to winning Bingo and someone shouts out, BINGO!?
Well now, there is no need to worry – with this gorgeous 6-piece mid-century set you will always be a winner!
Host your own Bingo party with this beautiful set and really add to the fun
The Caprice glasses are decorated by Elcyda, featuring one side spelling out Bingo and the other featuring a Bingo card
This 6-piece set features one color each of green, blue, white, pink, orange and yellow
The orange colored glass has tender wear to pattern (as seen in pictures)
The glasses do not look to have ever been used which the orange colored glass that has  its color slightly lightened may be based on the way it was stored in the original box over time
This set comes with original box
Each glass is 4 3/4" height, 2 1/2" diameter 
Get your Bingo markers ready!
Set of 6