Glenmore Whiskey Promotional 8-Piece Set (Collectors Complete Series 1-8)

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Glenmore Whiskey Promotional 8-Piece Set (Collectors Complete Series 1-8)

Okay – these are going to be very hard to part with as they are very rare to find, especially the complete collection (1-8). 

This beautiful and highly collectible and rare set is from 1940’s-1950’s.  They are Glenmore Whiskey Promotional One at the time of its summer release of Howdy Kentucky Colonel drinking glasses, which were each individually numbered 1-8. The Glasses were a promotional item only given out one glass per bottle of whiskey. So being numbered 1-8 you had to purchase 8 different at separate times - so a complete set is very rare and hard to find!

The Little Kentucky Colonel was the emblem of Glenmore Whiskey, a product of James Thompson and later on his sons. Glenmore was eventually sold to Guinness. He is the face you see on all the old ceramic whiskey jugs.

I contacted the company who oversees everything to do with the Colonel merchandise and they seemed pretty impressed this collection was found in the marketplace. They even sent the photo to the archives department and even they can’t find anything. That just tells you that this might be the only complete set in existence!

So with that in mind  - these are the perfect gift to a whiskey consumer or collector.

Each glass features the Colonel fixing a drink and each glass has a number on it to identify which whiskey was purchased in the series.

Colors are nice and sharp.  The glasses do not look like they were ever used

These are truly remarkable and a rare find indeed to have the complete set – even the company was impressed!

So if you are a whiskey drinker and/or a collector, be the envy of all your friends because it is going to be very rare they have ever seen such a set

Each glass is 5 1/4" height, 2 1/2" diameter

Complete Series Set 1-8