Bradley Exclusive Humorous Cocktail Trays-Plaques (Set of 4)

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Bradley Exclusive Humorous Cocktail Trays-Plaques (Set of 4)
This 4-piece cocktail tray/plaques feature a risky and humorous saying along with a risky picture on each tray/plaque 

The 4-piece set contains the following captures:
  • Never mind what I am dialing with - get me the police
  • Tom!?
  • If I had one more drink I'd begin to feel it - Yeah and if I had one
  • more I would let you
  • With my husband it's the same old thing weak in...weak out

The colors and writing are nice and bright
The back of each tray/plaque has the original stickers still in tact

There is some hard glue (as seen in pictures) on the back of each tray/plaque along with a string for easy hanging if used as a wall plaque

Each tray/plaque is 3 3/4" length, 3 3/4" height
Perfect humor for in a man cave or cocktail bar area
You and your friends will get a laugh each time you see them
Set of 4 trays/plaques