Retro Worlds Worst Bowler Glasses (Set of 4)

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Retro Worlds Worst Bowler Glasses (Set of 4)
Everyone has the one friend who thinks they are the worlds best bowler. Well,  what better gift to give them.
This unique, humorous 4-piece set features a retro shape with humorous bowling excuses.  

This retro 4-piece set features the following humorous sayings with fun character designs:

  • I just reached for a ball and then the lights went out – orange glass
  • He’s a great quarterback but he has a lot to learn about bowling – yellow glass
  • One of them said it was just a game – green glass
  • That’s a little better, but watch the foul line – red glass
Each glass is 5 1/2" height, 2 3/4" diameter
There’s no time to “spare” - get these glasses now
Set of 4 glasses