Hazel Atlas Mid-Century Pheasant 3-Piece Set (Set of 3 Various Sizes)

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Hazel Atlas Mid-Century Pheasant 3-Piece Set (Set of 3 Various Sizes)
This Hazel Atlas 3-piece Pheasant series features 3 different hard-to-find sizes
Set of 3 contains the following hard-to-find sizes:
  • ​1 Cocktail Pitcher, 6 3/4" height, 3 3/4" diameter
  • 1 Water Glass, 5" height, 2 3/4" diameter
  • ​1 Highball Glass, 6 1/4" height, 3" diameter
Patterns are nice and bright
​Glasses are clear, no chips or cracks
These can be added to your Hazel Atlas Pheasant collection or used for replacements
Set of 3 various hard-to-find sizes