Mid-Century Humorous Prescription Boozemin 5-Piece Cocktail Bar Set

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Mid-Century Humorous Prescription Boozemin 5-Piece Cocktail Bar Set

Okay, now who would not laugh at this absolutely tongue in cheek cocktail bar set?

The amber glass gives the shaker and glasses the look of a prescription bottle

This 5-piece mid-century cocktail bar set includes:

  • One shaker with strainer and lid
  • 4 tall shot glasses
Some of the humorous sayings featured on the cocktail shaker or tall shot glasses include:
  • Boozemin cheers and enjoy – refer to the Warning Guide for proper uses and dispensing of Boozemin – Dr Koholic, Al
  • May cause dizziness, euphoric tendencies and increase chance of a good time
  • Any product containing water may dilute Booemin and can cause sobering effects
  • Objects may appear more attractive then they seem
  • Boozemin may cause inflation of ego or self esteem
  • Side effects may induce blurry vision and slurred speak
  • When taking this shot, take with alcoholic beverages

The shaker has a built in strainer, a cap and a nice shape for pouring your favorite cocktail and is 10" height, 2 1/2" diameter

The shot glasses are nice and tall, 3 1/2" height, 1 1/4" diameter

Perfect for entertaining with a little humor