Mid-Century Peek-A-Boo Frisky Women Glasses (Set of 6)

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Mid-Century Peek-A-Boo Frisky Women Glasses (Set of 6)
Book-A-Boo – These bashful beauties slowly lose their clothes once you add ice and your favorite beverage
These are classic glasses from the 1940's-1950’s

6-Piece Mid-Century Set Includes:

  • Lady in the garden glass
  • Lady under an umbrella glass
  • Lady as a bride glass
  • Lady in a nightgown glass
  • Lady doing exercise glass
  • Lady in an evening dress glass
Each glass is 4 1/2" height, 2 1/2" diameter
These are hand-wash only and do not soak for long periods of time
The original instructions are included with the set along with the original box
A perfect gift for a bachelor, man cave or for anyone who has a sense of humor
Now go get the ice and fill these to the rim and watch your guest blush!
Set of 6 With Original Instructions and Box