Fred Press

Fred press was born to Rose and Samuel Press on October 14, 1919 in Boston. Fred studied at the Vesper George School of Art from 1938- 1939 and was recipient of numerous awards. During the war years, staff Sgt. Fred Press of the USAF, stationed in Panama, became the managing editor of The Caribbean Breeze, the official publication of the Sixth Air Force. He and his talented staff devoted themselves to providing the men factual material regarding their colorful and historical surroundings as to better understand and respect the culture of their hosts. Upon his return to Boston he taught at the Vesper George School of Art, was founder and chief designer of Contemporary Arts Inc., illustrated books, and exhibited his paintings in shows and competitions. He is represented in the permanent collection of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts as well as the Worcester Art Museum. He penned articles for the American Artist Magazine and other publications. In the 1950's, Fred moved to New York and for the next thirty years became the chief designer and executive vice-president of Rubel and Co. and turned his artistic attention to revolutionizing the giftware industry on New York's Fifth Avenue. In 1962, he authored Sculpture At Your Fingertips. In the 1970's and 80's, he went freelance in the design field. In the 1990's, Fred accepted a commission from the US Navy to produce two bronze reliefs for the US Naval Memorial. They are on display in Washington, D.C. In his last years, still active, he worked closely with his nephew, Harvey Schneider, to publish several books about his art.

Fred Press was a devoted husband of 70 years to his recently deceased wife, Alice Bernadette, he was the father to their 3 sons, David, Peter and Christopher Press as well as a doting

Fred Press died in 2012 at the age of 92