Culver Mid-Century Mardi Gras Jester With Jewels Highball Glass (1)

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Culver Mid-Century Mardi Gras Jester With Jewels Highball Glass (1) 
Another Culver masterpiece!
This gorgeous mid-century collection does not have a detail or thought that was missed when designing this absolutely stunning vintage series!
Zoom in on the pictures to see the gorgeous 22-karat gold embellishments with stunning color jewels
This single highball glass is in mint condition and does not look like it has ever been used
All the bright colored jewels are in tact, pattern and design in mint condition
This mid-century vintage highball glass is absolutely breathtaking!
Perfect for Mardi Gras or using on special occasions or when you deserve to be treated!
Highball glass is 5 1/2" height, 2 3/4" diameter
This single highball glass is perfect if you need a replacement, adding to your collection or just want one special glass for yourself
Includes 1 highball glass