Dominion Glass Company Mid-Century Risqué Glasses (Set of 8 with Original Box)

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Dominion Glass Company Mid-Century Risqué Glasses (Set of 8 with Original Box)
Close your eyes if you are bashful because this beautiful 8-piece mid-century rare set will definitely make you blush
This gorgeous set is from Dominion Glass Company from the 1940's-1950’s and features descriptions popular in the mid-century that may get you a second look today
Although the company eventually made glassware for hotels and restaurants,  these were made for the “Adult Home Bar” and would have been considered on the risky or naughty side
Each glass has the same sayings

The 8-piece glass set comes in 4 different colors:

  • 2 blue glasses 
  • 2 pink glasses
  • 2 white glasses
  • 2 yellow glasses

Each glass is 5 1/4" height, 2 1/2" diameter 

A sampling of some of the many risky sayings on each glass include:

  • A goblet is a small sailor
  • Some cocktails make you see double and feel single
  • A honeymoon is the thrill of a wifetime
  • It's better to have loved a short guy than never to have loved a tall
  • Janitors might be called floor flushers 
  • when a married man has the last word it is usually yes
  • Honesty is the fear of getting caught
  • Women were made to be loved not understood
  • When a man has nothing to worry about he gets married
  • An ounce of suggestion is worth a pound of lure
These glasses are truly a conversation starter and not for the weak at heart. 
The glasses have a curvy silhouette, atomic stars, and a place where they used a grease pen to keep track of what your drink preference was
This set is truly rare and unique with limited availability in the market place
This one of a kind beautiful set comes with the original box, making this a
must -have for a collector or adding to your mid-century cocktail glassware and barware collection for entertaining
Set of 8 with Original Box