Gay Fad 1950's Court Jester 10-Piece Cocktail Bar Set

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Gay Fad 1950's Court Jester 10-Piece Cocktail Bar Set
This beautiful Gay Fad Court Jester set features one large pitcher, stir and 8-single Whiskey/Double Shot glasses
This whimsical 1950's hand-painted court jester cocktail pitcher and 8 whiskey/double shot glasses is perfect for entertaining 
Exquisitely light white-cased glass hand-painted with pink, black, and gold bells, zig zags and harlequin court jesters blowing horns
The Court Jester Cocktail Pitcher features a nice spout for pouring and a long stir to make sure your favorite cocktail is properly mixed.
The 8 matching cocktail glasses holds 4 ounces and measures 2 1/2" height, 2 1/2" diameter
The cocktail Pitcher is 8 1/4" height, 3" diameter
Perfect for that special entertainment gathering, Mardi Gras or everyday use!
This mid-century cocktail set is truly one-of-a-kind and a rare find!
10-Piece cocktail bar set Includes 8 Single Whiskey/Double Shot Glasses, Cocktail Pitcher and Stir