Georges Briard Signed Mid-Century Name Your Poison 15 Piece Bar Set

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Georges Briard Signed Mid-Century Name Your Poison 15 Piece Bar Set
In Georges Briard humor, this Name Your Poison 15-piece bar set comes complete with:
  • 8 highball glasses – in all 8 different poison names, 5 1/2" height, 2 1/2" diameter
  • 1 shot glass (extremely rare and hard to find), 2 1/4" height, 1 3/4" diameter
  • 4 skull and bone stir sticks with rhinestone eyes, 6 3/4" length
  • 1 ice bucket (extremely rare and hard to find), 4 3/4" height, 5 1/2" diameter
  • 1 carrier for ice bucket, 5" height, 6" diameter
This gorgeous Georges Briard Name Your Poison 15-piece bar set features the the skull and crossbones and the label of each different poison on each highball glass
The bottom of the highball glass features "Name Your Poison" with a mortar and pestle, crossed guns, and crossed swords (5 out of 8 highball glasses are signed Georges Briard)
The Name Your Poison design is a very collectible mid-century pattern and extremely hard to find - especially including the additional pieces to this beautiful 15-piece set including the shot glass, ice container, carrier and the Georges Briard skull stir sticks
This mid-century bar set comes from one owner that was able to keep this set intact for so many years
This mid-century bar set is everything you need for all your entertaining and brings a sense of humor to all who use it
Don’t miss out on this incredible rare find