Georges Briard Signed Mid-Century Tuxedo 14-Piece Bar Set

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Georges Briard Signed Mid-Century Tuxedo 14-Piece Bar Set
In classic red, white and black, Georges Briard gives you all the glamour of dressing up without moving from your chair
The beautiful mid-century 14-piece bar set adds the perfect elegance for a wedding, bachelor party, Oscar or award party.
Perfect bar set for a man cave with sophistication and style
This gorgeous 14-piece bar set includes:
  • 1 Vinyl Ice Bucket with Handle and Lid, 11" height, 7 1/4" diameter
  • 4 Double Old Fashion Size Glasses, 4 1/4" height, 3" diameter
  • 4 Melamine Coasters, 4" x 4" square  
  • 4 glass stirs (2 top hats and 2 bow ties) in original box, 5 3/4" length
  • 1 Melamine serving tray, 16" length, 12" height
The ice bucket has very slight scratches, most likely from the handle and the coasters and the tray has slight tender scratches from use over time, however does not take away from the beautiful charm and collection this mid-century set has to offer.
Want to really be the best man at your friend’s wedding or be the host or hostess with the mostest…
What more do you need…this 14-piece mid-century bar set is for you