Hazel Atlas Gay 90's 20-Piece Cocktail Bar Set

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Hazel Atlas Gay 90's 20-Piece Cocktail Bar Set
If you are looking for a great gift idea or starting to add to your barware collection, this set is for you
The Hazel Atlas Gay 90’s design features a bartender, fancy lady and handsome man sitting at the bar, and don’t forget to look down and notice the cute little dog sitting by the lady
The large cocktail shaker has all the classic cocktail recipes listed which makes it super easy for you to be the talk of the town mixing your own cocktails
This beautiful 20-Piece cocktail bar set has a bright colorful design

20-Piece Cocktail Bar Set Includes:

  • 6 Collins Glasses, 6" height, 2 1/4" diameter
  • 6 Highball/Water Glasses, 5" height, 2 3/4" diameter
  • 6 Double Shot/Whiskey Glasses, 3" height, 2" diameter
  • 1 Shaker, 8 1/4" height, 3 1/2" diameter
  • 1 lid for Shaker, 3 3/4" diameter
This gorgeous cocktail set has nice a heavy weight to them which is typical with vintage glassware