Mid-Century Paris Retro Cocktail Shaker

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Mid-Century Paris Retro Cocktail Shaker
Are you dreaming of going to Paris or have gone and you can't stop thinking of it?
Either way this cocktail shaker will make you feel like you are in Paris
The beautiful mid-century retro pattern features a ballerina, chorus gals, the Eifel Tower, Waiter, Poodle, and other French vintage themed designs
The cocktail shaker has retro cocktail recipes for Whiskey Sour, Old Fashion, Bacardi, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Hiball, Tom Collins, Martini and On the Rocks so there is no reason to not entertain with this great vintage cocktail shaker!
The Hiball recipe featured on the cocktail shaker has some of the back pattern coming thru design however this looks to be from the original manufacturing production
The cocktail shaker is nice and heavy
Cocktail shaker and pattern design is in great condition - no chips or cracks
The lid is in great condition
Cocktail shaker is 8 1/4" height, 3 1/2" diameter
So will your drink be shaken or stirred?