Milbit Male Hip Nip Novelty Flask

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Milbit Male Hip Nip Novelty Flask
The Milbit Company knew making this Funny flask would get your attention
The plastic flask comes with the original box and features an intoxicated-looking man dressed in a suit and has the original bow tie
Just unscrew the top head and your ready to go!
The back says  - "Your Hip Nip Can Be Used For; Scotch, Bicarb, Mouthwash, Gin, Shave Lotion, Rye, Malted, Vitamins, Aspirins, Deodorant, Suntan Oil, Bourbon, Hairdressing" Great for display or why not use it?
The flask is 6 3/4" height, 2 3/4" length
A perfect addition to your mid-century bar