Vito Bari - Signed 22 Karat Gold 1960's Gold Crest Glasses (Set of 8)

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Vito Bari - Signed 22 Karat Gold 1960's Gold Crest Glasses (Set of 8)
This beautiful Regal set of signed Vito Bari glasses has an  abstract detail that resembles a family crest along with two bands on both the top and bottom
These glasses look to be never used from the 1960's
Pattern in excellent condition
 One glass has minor wear on the upper band however does not take away from the vintage charm (see picture)
The 22 karat gold pattern is versatile, so you can use for everyday use or use for special occasions
The set came from a retired lawyer who used this classic collation in his office to impress his clients back in the day
Each glass is 5 1/2" height, 2 3/4" diameter
No chips or cracks - glasses are clear and in excellent condition
Set of 8 glasses