Vitreon Queen's Luster: Classic Retro "Party-To-Go-Go" Set for 8

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Vitreon Queen's Luster: Classic Retro "Party-To-Go-Go" Set for 8
This set has 8 glasses, an ice bucket and retro chrome carrier (very hard to find)
The glasses and ice bucket sit on an easy to carry chrome carrier with a black bottom (hence the reference party to go go)
The set has the silver fade or silver ombre look to it and is in perfect condition
Glasses are 3 1/2" height, 3 1/4" diameter
Ice bucket is 5" height, 5 3/4" diameter
Chrome carrier is 13 3/4" diameter
This is a hard to find Vitreon Queen's Luster set  - ready to serve your favorite drinks
Get the neighbors talking about how cool you are with this beautiful set